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Bag One original 3.jpg

The Beatles
John Lennon 
Bag One
Original Drawing

Housed in a Museum in Kauai, Hawaii since 1998 this original Bag One drawing stamped Number 4 is now offered for sale!

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Background History to the Bag One drawing:

When the Beatles didn't attend a reception with Philippines First Lady Imelda Marcos at the Presidential Palace in Manila on July 4, 1966, it caused a furor. The Beatles were unaware that the promoter of the shows had promised that the group would first attend a breakfast reception with the First Lady  (Ferdinand Marcos, had been elected President the previous November) and top government officials, along with 300 of their children. Manager Brian Epstein had told the promoter that the group would not attend as the Beatles wanted nothing to do with politics. Still, they remained trusting in the belief that Brian knew what was best for them, they always signed every contracts Brian handed to them without reading a word. John would conclude later, “Manila was Brian’s cock-up, because he’d had the invitation given to him, and declined it, and never told us.”  Manila was at the tail end of a two-country Asian tour, which would end up being the last-ever live performances they would ever give outside of  North America. After that tour Brian felt personally responsible for putting ‘his boys’ in danger. 

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