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History of
the Collection
Michael J. Hough, Owner

Housed in a Museum in Kauai, Hawaii since 1998 this incredible collection of Beatles Memorabilia, and original art is now offered for sale!

Find out more below....

Incredible 60 year 
"Beatles Collection"
for Sale.

Welcome to the Sale of the Century 

A Beatles Collection of the 60's.


For sale is the personal collection of Michael J. Hough, born October 30th 1949 in Birmingham, England. A Beatles fan from the first time he heard the song 'My Bonnie' on the 5th of January 1962 on radio Luxembourg they were to change his life forever. He would move to Los Angeles when he was in his early 30's and work in the Movie industry, driving past Capital Records offices occasionally, not knowing individual  Beatles were occasionally visiting their record company in America. He frequented the same clubs and pubs but never saw his heroes there. His Beatles collection grew steadily over decades... having bought a Mini Cooper S in Los Angeles that used to belong to the Beatles, paintings and posters, as well as collectibles wherever he could find them. By the end of the 90's he and his wife Martina moved to Kauai, Hawaii where they ran a couple of businesses including the Kauai Country Inn  B&B which housed the only Beatles Museum in the United States.

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